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Menhaden: Tiny Fish, Big Impact

Menhaden is a tiny fish with a big impact on the ecosystem. Because of recent overfishing, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission recommended a change in the amount of catch allowed this year from 92% of the spawning population to 70%.

November 15th

Aral Sea Fisheries Return

A dike built to separate the Northern Aral Sea from the Southern Aral Sea has restored enough of the ecosystem that the fisheries have rebounded. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s a good start.

October 26th

Increased CO2 in World's Oceans Causes Fish to be Attracted to Predators

Human activity is not only causing increased carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in our atmosphere, but our oceans are suffering as well.  CO2 absorption causes the water to become more acidic, which in turn alters marine life’s natural instincts to avoid predation.  Researchers fear the results will have “far-reaching consequences for the sustainability of fish populations”. […]

July 23rd

20 Pound Asian Carp Found Past Great Lakes Defenses

So it happened. The first Asian carp was found past the electric barrier designed specifically to keep them out of Lake Michigan. And the thing weighed 20 pounds. After several suits against Illinois to close the shipping waterways that separate the Mississippi River and Great Lakes water basins and losing every time, including in the […]

July 13th

Does Climate Change Cause Crime?

Here’s the theory: climate change contributes to rising temperatures and dropping water levels, which in turn leads to lower catch volume and smaller fish, which pushes some Lake Naivasha fishermen in Nairobi’s Rift Valley to cast their nets into the world of crime. Naivasha police say that most of their recent arrests for kidnapping, rape, […]

June 25th