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The Water Grid and Water Markets: Innovative Ideas From Going Green West

The Going Green West Conference from Always On last week in Sausalito, California had hundreds of venture capitalists and CEOs from around the country talking cleantech. One panel discussion, The Water Grid & Water Markets, brought together four water industry players talked about everything from the feasibility and necessity of a water grid to future […]

September 24th

When Will Venture Capital Dip Into Water Investments?

Venture capital has been flowing into green energy and cleantech for decades. While it was a trickle at first, recent focus on technology as a way to do something about climate change and the growth of green businesses shows that the ecological need and the economic opportunity are creating a delta of green investment. But […]

September 19th

Water Efficiency vs. Water Shortage

The Economist recently published an article on the growing problem of water shortages and, calls for a system of tradable usage rights to allocate water resources to more productive use. “Globally there is no shortage of water; the central problem is that so much water is wasted, mainly through agriculture. But farmers reject scarcity pricing […]

Federal Water Subsidies Under Local Scrutiny

The federal government has paid over $687 million in water subsidies to hundreds of California and Arizona farmers over the past two years, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data. Subsidy payments continue to flow even as municipal water restrictions in both states take effect to address drought conditions and low water levels. The two […]

April 21st

World Water Forum: An Agenda for Privatizing Water?

The World Water Forum (WWF) held in Istanbul last week has turned out to be a more highly contentious event than anticipated by many.  The forum got off to a rough start when Turkish police fired tear gas and detained activists who protested against the privatization of water, the most charged and controversial issue surrounding […]

March 26th

GTR: Documenting the Global Water Crisis with FLOW director Irena Salina

Host Sean Daily talks with filmmaker Irena Salina, director of the documentary “FLOW: How Did a Handful of Corporations Steal Our Water?” about the global water crisis and her experience making the film. Wired Magazine referred to the documentary as the “scariest movie at the Sundance Film Festival” after its screening there in 2008. The […]

March 17th