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Aral Sea Fisheries Return

A dike built to separate the Northern Aral Sea from the Southern Aral Sea has restored enough of the ecosystem that the fisheries have rebounded. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s a good start.

October 26th

Record Floods in Thailand

While much of the United States continues with extreme droughts, huge swaths of Asia are struggling with record rains. The Thailand floods in September and October of 2011 are some of the worst the country has seen in living memory, resulting in more than $3 billion in damage.  The rainfall in Thailand has been about […]

October 20th

Maplecroft Publishes Water Security Risk Index

British-based risk consultancy Maplecroft consultancy has issued a report on the stability of countries’ water supplies around the world. Maplecroft helps, “businesses and investors to navigate the political, economic, social and environmental risks affecting growth opportunities in both developed and emerging economies.” Maplecroft’s “water security risk index” assessed 165 nations from around the world, looking […]

July 19th

Should We Give a Dam About Hydro Power?

The International Commission for Large Dams held its 78th annual meeting recently in Ha Noi, attracting 800 delegates from 90 countries. Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai made a speech emphasizing dams and hydro-electricity as a way of dealing with water deterioration and climate change. As Indian Council of Power Utilities President C.V.J Varma […]

June 22nd

Raise the Price of Water, Experts Say

Water is a finite resource. It may seem abundant when you look at a globe, but the amount of water in the world that can be used for human purposes is not so large. With a real water crisis looming, one solution the World Bank and the OECD, representing major economies of the world, are […]

May 5th

Water Index: Quantifying Water Investments

Water is fast becoming a hot topic for every part of society, and in the coming decade, water will require new perspectives, more comprehensive information and innovative action. The World Resources Institute (WRI) is beginning an initiative, along with General Electric (GE) and Goldman Sachs, that will create a Water Index with the goal to […]

January 7th

Michigan Sues Illinois Over Asian Carp Invasion

The fight to control the invasion of Asian carp in the Great Lakes is spurring legal battles between Midwestern states.  Michigan, with the backing of Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota, is suing Illinois to prevent the Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan.   Not only invasive species but toxic chemicals, urbanization, and climate change threaten […]

January 4th

Imagine H20: Turning The World's Water Problems Into Opportunities

Imagine H20 is a national non-profit whose mission is to inspire and empower people to solve water problems. They are currently holding their first annual water innovation contest, open to all entrepreneurs and innovators who have big ideas about how to create real-world solutions around clean water and sanitation. The  business  plan  competition offers  $70,000 […]

October 16th