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New Tool Quantifies Your Business’ Water Risk

In a time when we’re experiencing an increasingly drier climate, with a booming population and growing demand on water supplies, water scarcity is a very real risk, not only to individuals and communities, but also to businesses that require water in their operations. Water is all too often undervalued and its market price is very […]

November 11th

Toilet to Tap – How Gross is That?

Toilet to tap is the term for taking wastewater from residences and businesses, cleaning it up, then sending it back to those same residences and businesses as drinking water. A recent study says that most Americans favor recycling water, but draw the line at toilet to tap. Is it really that bad?

November 15th

South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Voted Down

The South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary would have covered most of the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator, from the coast of South America to the coast of Africa. It would have joined with the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

July 4th