Drinking Water

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Will the Texas Drought put the Kibbosh on Fracking?

We’ve talked here before about how hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” threatens clean drinking water, but fracking also requires quite a bit of water to execute. In drought-stricken Texas, local water districts are starting to restrict natural gas companies’ fracking operations because of the strain it puts on the water supply.

October 24th

Turkish Farmers Learn to Cut Water Use Up to 50%

About 72% of total water use in Turkey is for agriculture. This 72% is important when the country’s largest city, Istanbul, can be out of running water for days at a time in the summer. “We have to change our perception of water and water use practices considerably,” WWF-Turkey CEO Dr. Filiz Demirayak told the […]

May 19th

Common Cactus Could Help Solve Clean Water Crisis

As many as 15 people per minute die from a lack of clean water. Although 75% of the globe is covered in water, the amount of that water that is clean, fresh, drinkable water is very small and the challenge of providing the whole population of the world with such water has been an unachievable […]

May 14th

Clay + Coffee Grounds + Cow Dung = Open Source Water Filters

Imagine taking a hunk of clay, some coffee grounds, and some cow dung, and turning it into an effective water filter, ensuring clean drinking water for people across the globe. That’s the idea behind Abundant Water, and they’re teaching Lao villagers to make and use these water filters for their health and economic well being. […]

May 11th