Drinking Water

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Red Deer River Oil Spill

About 125,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Red Deer River after a pipeline broke in Jackson Creek. The oil coated the banks of Jackson Creek and the Red Deer River for more than sixteen miles before reaching the Gleniffer Reservoir, where it is being contained with multiple booms.

June 11th

Tar Creek Superfund Site

The Tar Creek Superfund Site is an area along the Kansas/Oklahoma border which was mined for lead and zinc for much of the twentieth century. When the price for ore dropped, the mining companies went bankrupt or closed up and left behind some of the worst polluted land in the U.S.

May 16th

World Water Day

World Water Day is held every year on March 22 to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. With the severe drought that Texas suffered last year, and which is still continuing even while we’re under a flood watch, I think about water frequently.

March 22nd