Drinking Water

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“You Can’t Stop the Rage”: An Interview with Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Dr. Tyrone Hayes’ story reads like a movie script. Originally from a segregated town in South Carolina, the young African-American studied tadpoles in his yard and later won a scholarship to Harvard. He then became the second-youngest tenured professor in the Integrative Biology Dept. at UC-Berkeley. While doing research on the effects of atrazine for the chemical company Novartis (now owned by Syngenta), Hayes discovered that the popular pesticide causes chemical castration and feminization in frogs and hormonal disruption in humans that can lead to infertility and breast cancer.

January 28th

Happy Thanksgiving from Blue Living Ideas

Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year when the temperatures outside are perfect. The heat of summer is gone, but the chill of winter hasn’t yet set in. We can enjoy the bounty of our table, then move outside for the annual croquet match without adding too many layers.

November 22nd

Toilet to Tap – How Gross is That?

Toilet to tap is the term for taking wastewater from residences and businesses, cleaning it up, then sending it back to those same residences and businesses as drinking water. A recent study says that most Americans favor recycling water, but draw the line at toilet to tap. Is it really that bad?

November 15th

Rainwater Harvesting Options for Homeowners

Water is a precious commodity you can’t live without. Depending on where you live, your water bill can be one of your larger monthly expenses, especially during the summer. With the help of landscapers, you can set up a rainwater harvesting system that helps you save money and reduces the demand for water in your community.

November 12th

How Much Water is Your Home Wasting?

Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but only 1% of that is available for human consumption. Conservation matters. The less water we waste, the more water we have when we need it – like during this year’s drought.

September 17th

South Africa Fracking Arid Karoo

South Africa lifted a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing last week and shale gas exploration will soon begin in the arid Karoo region. Worries about the water supply in the Karoo were voiced by several groups, prompting Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu to promise that any threat to water in South Africa result in a shutdown of fracking.

September 13th