Climate Change

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Himalaya May Become Most Heavily Dammed Region of the World

The Himalaya region of the world is undergoing rapid change from global warming.  For example, glaciers in the Tibetan Plateau are melting at a “worrisome speed,” according to Xinhua news agency.   Over the past 40 years, Tibetan glaciers have receded 196 square KM, or 1/4 the size of New York City.  Despite such loss of […]

May 26th

Ocean Acidification Puts Corals in Jeopardy

By 2050, our planet’s oceans could be too acidic for corals to reproduce or rebuild, and the $16 trillion ocean-based economy is in danger of being wiped out if things continue as they are. The high levels of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere from human activities have a dramatic impact on many of our oceans’ […]

April 6th

Humboldt Squid Population Exploding Due to Global Warming

Most fish species in the Pacific Ocean are declining except for the Humboldt squid named after the Humboldt Current in South America. The Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) is notoriously aggressive and can weigh as much as 100 pounds. Called the diablos rojos, or red devils, by Mexican fisherman, the Humboldt Squid can take off your […]

April 3rd