Climate Change

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How Long Before Disaster Fatigue Kicks In?

Climate scientists have long predicted that with increased climate change will come increasing precipitation in the North Eastern US. The prediction has been in the climate models for at least ten years is based on the past increase. This means more heavy snowfalls, more heavy rain, increased humidity and more flooding.

But what they didn’t predict is the disaster fatigue that will go along with that.

December 29th

Norwegian Fjords Top National Geo's Sustainable Destination List Again

National Geographic’s Traveler magazine has rated 133 travel destinations for sustainability. In the sixth annual survey, 437 panelists evaluated tourism spots around the globe taking into consideration “a mix of what local governments, residents, and businesses can control—pollution, cultural quality and authenticity, tourism management—and what they can’t, such as natural disasters and global economic meltdowns”.  […]

November 18th

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and Climate Change

This past June Obama created the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force- their job is to develop “a recommendation for a national policy that ensures protection, maintenance, and restoration of oceans, our coasts and the Great Lakes.” The task force visited the Great Lakes area this week, looking at what needs to be done in the […]

November 1st

As Glaciers Melt, Ladakh Makes Their Own

Ladakh is a small Himalayan village that depends on glacier melt for everything from farming to drinking water. So what do you do if you depend on glacier melt for all of your water needs and the glaciers are disappearing? If you’re Ladakh region innovator Dr. Chhewang Norphel, you figure out how to build your […]

October 29th

Melting Alpine Glaciers Expose Our Toxic Past

Scientists have discovered high levels of toxic pollutants trapped in the Swiss Alps are being released from melting glaciers in the Swiss Alps region. A recent study of deposits in several lakes in the Alps showed high levels in legacy organic pollutants during the 1960’s and 70’s, a drop thereafter, and a rise again in […]

October 26th

Climate Change Refugees in Burkina Faso

On September 1 a foot of rain fell in the Burkina Faso capital city of Ouagadougou in just 10 hours. The intense rain and flooding has displaced over 150,000, highlighting the growing issue of climate change refugees. According to, approximately 25 million people can currently be classified as environmental refugees- that’s 58% of the […]

October 18th

Drought in the Southeast: Can We Blame Climate Change?

The 2005-2007 drought in the Southeast was bad but was neither unprecedented nor necessarily caused by global warming from climate change, according to a recent study released form Columbia University. “At the root of the water supply problem in the Southeast [United States] is a growing population,” according to the report Georgia’s population rose from […]

October 4th