Climate Change

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Does Irrigation Mask Climate Change?

We know irrigation works- meaning, we know that we can turn a desert into farmland. But how much do we know about the side effects? A new report from two New York researchers entitled Irrigation and 20th Century Climate suggests that the worldwide increase in irrigation over the 20th century is actually changing weather patterns […]

October 13th

90 Degree River Shuts Down Southern Nuclear Plant

As a result of the record high temperatures engulfing the South (and much of the planet) the Tennessee Valley Authority has had to shut down its largest nuclear power plant for the 40th day since  July 8th, the TimesFreePress reports. The Tennessee River in Alabama is just much too hot. The river water rose to […]

August 24th

Increased CO2 in World's Oceans Causes Fish to be Attracted to Predators

Human activity is not only causing increased carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in our atmosphere, but our oceans are suffering as well.  CO2 absorption causes the water to become more acidic, which in turn alters marine life’s natural instincts to avoid predation.  Researchers fear the results will have “far-reaching consequences for the sustainability of fish populations”. […]

July 23rd

Canada Takes Water Awareness Lead

Say what you will about Canada being up on the latest trends in fashion or music, but our neighbor to the North may be on the verge of setting the course in national water management policy. Recently ministers from across the country met to talk about how best to protect and preserve Canada’s water from […]

July 8th

The Other Coastal Problem: Rising Seas

Rising sea levels will have an effect on coastal cities, and while the BP Gulf oil leak is getting the press these days, sea level rise from climate change will have an even more long-term and potentially dramatic effect. With the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicting a 7 – 23 inch rise by […]

July 2nd

Gray Whale Found on Wrong Side of World

This is one of those crazy stories that you can hardly believe when you read it. However, it is one that might become more and more common as climate change steams ahead. The title is no joke and no exaggeration. Apparently, a gray whale was spotted off the coast of Israel last month, despite there […]

June 14th

Ocean's Top Layer Retains 80-90% of Global Heat Rise

Whether it’s the threat of dramatic sea level rise to coastal areas or current climate change refugees from low-lying islands, the effects of climate change and global warming on the world’s oceans are both real and imminent. One of the emerging areas of major concern is the amount of heat rise that is stored on […]

June 3rd

First Ever Ocean Samples from the North Pole

Would you trek 483 miles of polar ice to get a few water samples? That’s exactly what the Catlin Arctic Survey team did over the last two and a half months. The team returns with the first samples of ocean water at the north pole ever taken. Their mission is to measure how fast the […]

June 1st

Whales and Climate Change: How Are They Linked?

Two issues close to the hearts of many environmentalists (or even the average person now) — addressing climate change and protecting  endangered whales — are now being seen as linked issues. Whales are huge! Blue whales are the largest creatures on Earth. An elephant, the largest animal that lives on land, could stand on a […]

March 8th