Bottled Water

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The Dirty Truth About Bottled Water

Fresh, pure, premium, and safe, some of the words that come to mind when we think about bottled water. But the question remains, is bottled water really better than tap water? At first glance, one would assume so. But when we take a closer look, it turns out bottled water isn’t really all that it’s tapped out to be…

September 24th

Plastic in Our Oceans, & How to Keep it Out {Infographic}

Plastic oceans. Sea creatures full of plastic. This is a reality today. Tons and tons of plastic now live in the oceans of the world. There’s a Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a Great Atlantic Garbage Patch and many other garbage patches now. And, sadly, they grow every day, because we continue to produce amounts of plastic that are hard to even comprehend.

July 28th

Concord, MA Residents Ban Bottled Water Sales

If you live in Concord, Massachusetts or will be traveling there, be sure to bring your own reusable water bottle.  Starting January 1, 2011, the sale of bottled water will be banned within city limits.  Concord is the first city in America to completely outlaw bottled water, and the bottled water industry is not happy.

May 13th

Hormone Disruptor BPA is in the Water Now

Scientists have now confirmed that an increasingly infamous chemical (or hormone disruptor) that is linked to obesity, miscarriage, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other health concerns is not just in our plastic bottles, soda cans and canned food, but it’s also in the water. What is likely to be the number one source? “Unbreakable” polycarbonate […]

April 16th

The Rise and Fall of Bottled Water

The evolution of the bottled water industry has finally crested and demise has begun.  I admit, I fell for bottled water’s marketing strategy in believing tap water was not safe.  The H2O held in those clear plastic bottles was safer, I believed, until I learned that the plastic containers leached BPA.  After successfully convincing us all […]

March 22nd

Bottled Water Giant Nestle Wins Approval for Colorado Spring

In recent years, Nestle has been hard fought by communities across the country over bottled water plants, as citizens are concerned that local aquifers will be depleted.  From Washington to California, towns have been divided and long battles fought as the maker of Perrier, Poland Spring, S. Pellegrino, and Arrowhead bottled waters plans to expand.  […]

August 26th

Wellness Enterprises: Pioneers in Smarter Water

Wellness Enterprises, the official water sponsor of LOHAS 2009, has been making waves with a brand new home product, Wellness Kitchen, and also with its Wellness H2.O water bottle. Both produce “smarter water” right from your tap. The company’s filtration products utilize the newest technology to eliminate contaminants, viruses and bacteria and actually enhance the […]

July 13th