Bottled Water

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Drinking Water — Where It Comes From

Surface water — like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs — is one major source of our drinking water. Groundwater is another. The surface water comes from precipitation, like rain and melting snow and ice. Surface water moves over land to collect in lower areas, so it can contain chemicals it absorbs along the way. Some cities, like Los Angeles and […]

March 6th

Four Alternatives to Bottled Water

If you are anything like me, then you are sick of paying loads of money for bottled water. Not only are you paying big bucks for it, the bottles themselves are not good for your or the environment. Plastic contains tons of toxins which can seep into your water, making it really unhealthy to drink. On top of that, plastic also takes up a lot of space in landfills and never goes away. Why damage yourself, the environment, and your pocketbook? Try one of these four alternatives to bottled water today:

June 25th

The Real Cost of Flying

What is the real cost of flying? Between the plastic baggies, plastic travel size bottles of sundries, and bottled water (more plastic, which often ends up in the oceans and on our beaches), how much is this costing us as individuals?

January 24th

Coca-Cola in the National Park System

When the National Park Service (NPS) decided to ban the sale of bottled water at concessions in the Grand Canyon, it was hailed as a smart way to reduce solid waste in the park. But according to a string of recently released emails, the plan was put on hold after Coca-Cola and other beverage industry representatives asked to be included in the discussions.

December 5th