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21 Facts About Bottled Water, The Environment, & Human Health

The plastic water bottle market in the United States is worth billions of dollars annually. Plastic water bottles can be purchased just about everywhere and they are quite convenient, but there are many problems associated with them. In fact, when you become aware of the problems and how many there are, you may never buy […]

March 6th

Zevia Makes All-Natural Soda Even Sweeter

If you’re like me, the occasional soda can be a great treat. But there are so many disturbing things about the beverage industry, from reckless water usage to high-fructose corn syrup. This week I discovered a new product that does something about the ingredients: Zevia. The name is similar to the natural sweetener Stevia for […]

April 20th

Atlanta Brewery Makes Beer from Harvested Rainwater

5 Seasons Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia, is now brewing beer from rainwater harvested on site, setting a new standard for environmental sustainability in water issues. The brewery produced the first rainwater beer for the National Conference for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), and the restaurant and brewery says they will now brew all […]

October 15th