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Global Water Challenge: Universal Access to Clean Water

Here are 3 quick but sobering facts about the present world water situation: Water insecurity could increase malnutrition in 75-125 million people by 2080. Diarrhea caused by unclean water kills five times as many children as HIV/AIDS. In some areas, the amount of available water can fall below 1/10th the basic human requirement.1 The good […]

March 27th

World Water Forum: An Agenda for Privatizing Water?

The World Water Forum (WWF) held in Istanbul last week has turned out to be a more highly contentious event than anticipated by many.  The forum got off to a rough start when Turkish police fired tear gas and detained activists who protested against the privatization of water, the most charged and controversial issue surrounding […]

March 26th

Article 31: The Right to Clean and Safe Water

As much as we take for granted that we can turn on the tap for an endless supply of water whenever we need it, the truth is that rapid industrialization, increasing agricultural use and pollution have contributed to worldwide water shortages.  Everyday brings increasing concern about the scarcity of water and its impact on global […]

March 19th

World Water Day 2009: Shared Waters, Shared Opportunities

More than 1 billion people world wide lack access to clean, safe drinking water1. That’s about 20% of the Earth’s population. More than 2.6 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation2. That’s over 40% of the globe. World Water Day is an international day of action and observance to draw attention to their situation, and […]

March 18th

Toilet to Tap: Orange County Turning Sewage Water into Drinking Water

The Orange County Water District is purifying wastewater into drinking water at a $481 million recycling plant. The plant uses microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and hydrogen peroxide disinfection.  70 million gallons of sewer water is treated a day in Orange County, California meeting the drinking needs of over 500,000 people, including visitors to Disneyland.

March 14th

The Watercone: A Simple, Effective Solar Still

In many parts of the world, lack of access to clean, potable water is a major issue. Water may be found nearby, but only in a brackish or polluted state. Areas close to the ocean may see miles of water, but not a drop to drink. UNICEF estimates that every day 5000 children die as […]

March 13th