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Will the Texas Drought put the Kibbosh on Fracking?

We’ve talked here before about how hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” threatens clean drinking water, but fracking also requires quite a bit of water to execute. In drought-stricken Texas, local water districts are starting to restrict natural gas companies’ fracking operations because of the strain it puts on the water supply.

October 24th

Do We Have Enough Water?

As our world population skyrockets, the question of whether we’ll have enough water to support the agriculture needed to feed the world is a huge one. A recent study has some good news!

September 27th

Most Dangerous Uses and Biggest Misuse of Water

Robert Glennon is the author of Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and What To Do About It. I’m sure the whole book is a good read, but for a snapshot of some of the biggest water issues we face today, here are some of Glennon’s thoughts supplemented with a little additional research of my own.

April 30th

How Much Clean Water is Available for Human Use?

We know that the world is covered in water. Continents are like large islands in the planet’s much more expansive oceans. 75% of the Earth is covered in water. Yet access to clean, fresh drinking water is a major world concern. An infograph I ran across on world water day helps to show, in a […]

April 1st

NASA Grace Satellites Track Groundwater Levels from Space

NASA satellites are returning some disturbing news about the state of the earth’s groundwater. Two GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellites are reporting data based on small monthly changes in Earth’s gravity field that are chiefly caused by water movement across the Earth’s water stores. The two GRACE satellites are the only satellites capable […]

December 23rd

Overpopulation to Blame for Southeastern U.S. Water Shortages

Water shortages in the southeastern U.S. during the last two years were due to the skyrocketing population growth in the area, not just the drought, says a new study from Columbia University researchers. Some state’s populations, such as Georgia’s, jumped almost 50% in only 17 years, putting pressure on local water supplies and increasing the […]

October 21st

Marijuana Plantations Compound California Drought

It’s marijuana harvest time in northern California, and the air is strongly pungent with skunk smelling scents. It is also the time of year when many rural residents are anxiously awaiting the rainy season, as they are living without water after the arid summer months. Is there a connection between dwindling water supplies and illegal […]

October 7th