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Happy Thanksgiving from Blue Living Ideas

Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year when the temperatures outside are perfect. The heat of summer is gone, but the chill of winter hasn’t yet set in. We can enjoy the bounty of our table, then move outside for the annual croquet match without adding too many layers.

November 22nd

Toilet to Tap – How Gross is That?

Toilet to tap is the term for taking wastewater from residences and businesses, cleaning it up, then sending it back to those same residences and businesses as drinking water. A recent study says that most Americans favor recycling water, but draw the line at toilet to tap. Is it really that bad?

November 15th

How Much Water is Your Home Wasting?

Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but only 1% of that is available for human consumption. Conservation matters. The less water we waste, the more water we have when we need it – like during this year’s drought.

September 17th

India's National Water Policy

India released the third draft of its National Water Policy after the first two attempts in January and May met with protests from the states. The latest draft is meant as an umbrella statement focusing on the need for “…a broad overarching national legal framework of general principles on water to lead the way for essential legislation on water governance in every state,” according to the water resources ministry.

July 19th

Water Equity in Tourism

A report from Tourism Concern shows a disproportionate use of water by tourists in the developing world. The difference between daily water use by locals and that by tourists can be as much as 3100 liters (about 820 gallons) per person.

July 10th

Water, the New Petrol

Water, the New Petrol is a web site which aims to raise awareness of the current state of water issues in the world and the problems related to it. On Tuesday, the U.S. State Department announced that Water, the New Petrol was one of two web sites that had won the Doors to Diplomacy Award.

May 23rd

Agriculture Uses 92% of the World's Drinking Water

A new study shows that agriculture consumes 92% of the world’s fresh water used each year. Arjen Hoekstra and Mesfin Mekonnen of the University of Twente in Enschede in the Netherlands divided the surface of the earth into blocks of 85 square kilometers or less and looked at water consumption patterns for agricultural, industrial, and […]

February 14th