Author: Susan Kraemer

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90 Degree River Shuts Down Southern Nuclear Plant

As a result of the record high temperatures engulfing the South (and much of the planet) the Tennessee Valley Authority has had to shut down its largest nuclear power plant for the 40th day since  July 8th, the TimesFreePress reports. The Tennessee River in Alabama is just much too hot. The river water rose to […]

August 24th

1 in 4 Exxon Shareholders Vote to Know Gas Drilling Risk

As potentially the largest natural gas company in the US, with an imminent $41 billion merger with XTO Energy, Exxon Mobil’s cavalier attitude to fracking risk is a concern to some of its shareholder groups. At the annual shareholders meeting on May 26th, endorsed by RiskMetrics Group and Proxy Governance, San Francisco-based As You Sow […]

June 4th

Catastrophic Well Blowout in Gulf Drains Constituency for Off-Shore Drilling

Support for off-shore drilling has always been high among Republican voters, one of the constituencies that Republican Senators go to congress to represent.  The other constituency is the fossil energy industry itself, that puts considerable financial clout behind electing Republicans to represent the interests of the oil and gas industry. However, the catastrophic sea floor […]

May 9th

Innowind and Hexicon Create Powerful Modular Wind+Wave Farms

Norway’s Innowind and Sweden’s Hexicon are collaborating on a unique floating 60 MW wind farm concept, which is now under review by the UK’s renewable energy industry research giant Garrad Hassan. Innowind; which makes these novel turbines, is located in Stavanger, Norway, in what is fast becoming a global center of the new renewable energy […]

April 2nd

The First Nation to Run out of Water? Yemen

War-torn Yemen is set to be the first country in the world to completely run out of water. War and strife are caused by shortages, and Yemen has been no exception to that rule. As the nation has succumbed to desertification, war has followed. As the world warms, desertification (in some regions in parts of […]

March 2nd

We Pay Too Little for Water in California

Even in water starved California, water is probably our cheapest monthly bill. Because public water utilities are regulated, they have to keep prices low. Yet water utilities have costs for water that are rising fast for infrastructure replacement, energy to move it around, regulatory compliance treatment, and population growth. Water is priced artificially low, in […]

February 3rd