Author: Scott James

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Canada Takes Water Awareness Lead

Say what you will about Canada being up on the latest trends in fashion or music, but our neighbor to the North may be on the verge of setting the course in national water management policy. Recently ministers from across the country met to talk about how best to protect and preserve Canada’s water from […]

July 8th

Sulabh Toilets Flush With Possibility

In 1970, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak designed the sulabh sauchalaya (latrines-pour-flush toilet with twin leach pit) and founded what is now the Sulabh Movement. The movement is based on a simple idea that proper sanitation and wastewater management is good for public health and climate change. He announced to the World Environment and Water Resources Congress […]

July 5th

The Other Coastal Problem: Rising Seas

Rising sea levels will have an effect on coastal cities, and while the BP Gulf oil leak is getting the press these days, sea level rise from climate change will have an even more long-term and potentially dramatic effect. With the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicting a 7 – 23 inch rise by […]

July 2nd

AWWA Hosts The World's Water Event

Improving how U.S. water utilities access and provide water to their communities will play an important role in the how we deal with our country’s water future. And what better way to gain insight into best practices and see who’s tapping into the current than some healthy competition? During the week of June 20, The […]

June 29th

5 Blue Living iPhone Apps

More and more, people are connected to their online lives all day.  With smartphones we can carry computers in our pockets, it’s easy enough to listen to music while checking email on the bus. But how aware are we of the water we use everyday? Can smartphones actually keep us more connected to our water […]

June 28th

Does Climate Change Cause Crime?

Here’s the theory: climate change contributes to rising temperatures and dropping water levels, which in turn leads to lower catch volume and smaller fish, which pushes some Lake Naivasha fishermen in Nairobi’s Rift Valley to cast their nets into the world of crime. Naivasha police say that most of their recent arrests for kidnapping, rape, […]

June 25th

Should We Give a Dam About Hydro Power?

The International Commission for Large Dams held its 78th annual meeting recently in Ha Noi, attracting 800 delegates from 90 countries. Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai made a speech emphasizing dams and hydro-electricity as a way of dealing with water deterioration and climate change. As Indian Council of Power Utilities President C.V.J Varma […]

June 22nd

Australia's Integrated Marine Information System Makes a Splash

There is literally an ocean of information floating around out there about almost anything you can think of, but seldom is that information brought together in an integrated, meaningful and useful way- especially when there are multiple governmental and scientific groups involved. But a new high-technology marine information system in the waters off of South […]

June 15th

WaterAlert: Customized, Real-Time Water Conditions

For anyone who spends a lot of their time dealing with water, having up-to-the-minute information on water conditions is a tough proposition. Whether it’s a boater who wants current river level information, a groundwater manager who needs to know what pumps to keep working, or crisis management officials dealing with flood or drought conditions, having […]

June 8th

Ocean's Top Layer Retains 80-90% of Global Heat Rise

Whether it’s the threat of dramatic sea level rise to coastal areas or current climate change refugees from low-lying islands, the effects of climate change and global warming on the world’s oceans are both real and imminent. One of the emerging areas of major concern is the amount of heat rise that is stored on […]

June 3rd

First Ever Ocean Samples from the North Pole

Would you trek 483 miles of polar ice to get a few water samples? That’s exactly what the Catlin Arctic Survey team did over the last two and a half months. The team returns with the first samples of ocean water at the north pole ever taken. Their mission is to measure how fast the […]

June 1st

Is Traditional Water Management the Future?

The world’s water situation is only going to get more challenging in the coming years. There will be more people a water supply that is increasingly polluted and often distributed with aging infrastructure. Clearly we will need to embrace new methods of water management- is it possible that those methods have been around for thousands […]

May 26th