Author: Scott James

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Antarctica's New Mystery Carbon Sink

Captain Robert Falcon Scott, head of the second expedition to reach the South Pole, and who, with his team, died on his 1912. Living on for almost 100 years now are the specimens he collected along the way- among them some smaller “filter-feeding animals” that resemble branching twigs. These specimens, along with many others collected […]

February 25th

San Francisco Bay and Sea Level Rise

The water in San Francisco Bay has been photographed and reproduced around the world- but have you seen it through the eyes of NASA? Or through the eyes of projected sea level rise? A new study from the scientists at NASA’s own Ames Research Center near the Bay looks at how sea level rise resulting […]

February 10th

Story Water

Today I received a poem in my email inbox, a poem from Rumi. It reminded me of the connection between water and storytelling. Most of the stories I write for Blue Living Ideas are about innovations or news- the innovations tend to hope for some new behavior to take root, while the news tends to […]

October 27th

Does Irrigation Mask Climate Change?

We know irrigation works- meaning, we know that we can turn a desert into farmland. But how much do we know about the side effects? A new report from two New York researchers entitled Irrigation and 20th Century Climate suggests that the worldwide increase in irrigation over the 20th century is actually changing weather patterns […]

October 13th

Stop The Water While Using Me!

When I used to guide backpacking trips, I worked with a guy who pointed out to our group every morning and every night that they had just brushed their teeth without running water. His point was that they should turn the water off when they brushed their teeth at home. It’s a simple enough idea […]

August 12th

Garbage Sails Toward China's 3 Gorges Dam

David de Rothschild famously built the Plastiki out of plastic bottles and sailed it from California to the fabled Pacific Garbage Patch. The journey took months to plan and more than a year to fully realize. But if he were in China on the Yangtze River, all he would have to do to see the […]

August 9th

Great Lakes Are Warming Up For a Record

The Great Lakes have their shores full with issues around the invasive Asian carp, but that’s not the only danger facing the region. With 20% of the world’s freshwater, the health of the Great Lakes is critical- and this summer all of the lakes are registering temperatures far above what’s normal for the end of […]

August 3rd

New York City Installs Real Time Water Monitoring

Before anyone can do anything about how much water we use (and waste) every day, we need to know how much we are actually using. And when you look around at how many of your daily activities include water, you get a sense of just how difficult a task that is. In spite of the […]

July 28th

Maplecroft Publishes Water Security Risk Index

British-based risk consultancy Maplecroft consultancy has issued a report on the stability of countries’ water supplies around the world. Maplecroft helps, “businesses and investors to navigate the political, economic, social and environmental risks affecting growth opportunities in both developed and emerging economies.” Maplecroft’s “water security risk index” assessed 165 nations from around the world, looking […]

July 19th