Author: Derek Markham

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20% of Private Domestic Wells in U.S. Contaminated

A recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) found that over 20% of the private wells sampled contained at least one contaminant at levels of concern for potential health issues. Most of the contaminants came from natural geological sources in the aquifers, such as radon and arsenic, but some were from human sources, including […]

April 2nd

Tap Project: One Dollar Provides a Child with Safe Drinking Water for 40 Days

Waterborne diseases are the second largest killer of children under five. Each day, 4,200 children die from water-related diseases, and 900 million people around the world are without access to safe drinking water1. UNICEF’s Tap Project is working to change that by raising money to support clean water programs with a simple $1 donation. That […]

March 21st