Author: Derek Markham

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Rare Micro-Algae Takes Over Caribbean Corals as Sea Temperatures Rise

A team of biologists from Penn State found a rare species of algae proliferating in Caribbean corals as sea surface temperatures rose, displacing the coral’s own more-sensitive algae. The researchers observed the algae during a period in 2005 when Caribbean Ocean temperatures rose several degrees, stressing the corals. The rare algae, called Symbiodinium trenchi, is […]

September 11th

Australian Government: World Killing the Great Barrier Reef

A new report from the Australian government shows that the country’s own proposed carbon emissions target will kill the Great Barrier Reef along with hundreds of marine species and the livelihoods of those communities who depend upon it for survival. The peer-reviewed Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report also states that an average global temperature rise […]

September 7th

Researchers Use Algae to Detect Water Supply Contaminants

A new study from researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) demonstrates that microalgae can be used as effective sentinels to detect contaminants in water supplies. The research, funded in part by the Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research, uses a flourometer that measures the flourescence signal of algae that grow […]

September 4th

Inexpensive Arsenic Filtration System Uses Cattails, Aquatic Weeds

An environmental and civil engineer has developed an inexpensive arsenic filtration system that uses aquatic plants, namely cattails, to remove poisonous arsenic from drinking water, which could improve the health of millions in countries around the world whose local water supplies are naturally contaminated with the toxic substance. An estimated 57 million people are drinking […]

July 15th

Traitor Joe's: Greenpeace Rates Trader Joe's Unsustainable Seafood Policies

The environmental watchdog Greenpeace has gone after Trader Joe’s with a snarky campaign called Traitor Joe’s, complete with a website, a Traitor Joe’s Twitter account, and a singing fish telegram for consumers to let the company know how they feel about the store’s unsustainable seafood policies. According to the latest Sustainable Seafood Scorecard from Greenpeace, […]

July 10th

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

If there’s one film that everyone needs to watch this year, it’s Blue Gold: World Water Wars. The film, based on the book Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke, pulls no punches in its portrayal of the major water issues facing us […]

June 19th