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General Electric Debuts its GeoSpring Hybrid Hot Water Heater

In today’s economic climate, saving on household expenses is a top priority for many Americans. While many personal finance websites rightly advise consumers to save money on energy costs by implementing habits like turning off lights when not in use, there are more effective ways of reducing both your carbon footprint and your energy bill.

General Electric has addressed one great leak in the energy sinking ship with its recent release of the GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater.

February 29th

OriginOil – Using Algae as Biofuel

The algae biofuel company OriginOil is starting to rev into commercial production and that could mean good news for green jobs in the U.S. – and good news for the U.S. Navy, too. The latest step is a new partnership with algae grower Aquaviridis to introduce OriginOil’s high tech algae oil extraction system to a facility in Mexicali, Mexico. If the R&D phase is a success, next up would be a network of algae farms in the southwestern U.S. as well as additional sites in Mexico.

February 7th