Why Waste Water

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Why waste water?  In many countries, including the United States, water is treated to be clean enough to drink no matter what use it will be put to.  We’ve talked a bit on Blue Living Ideas about various ways water can be reused and recycled before being sent back into the environment.  Toilet to tap has been tried in a few cities with success.  Using greywater for gardens or large-scale agriculture is another method of reusing water.

Waste water only needs to be clean enough for the purpose it will be put to.  Waste water used to cool power plants needs to be free of particulate matter, but not necessarily bacteria.  Waste water used to irrigate crops needs to free of bacteria that could sicken people and animals, but not necessarily be clean enough to drink.

The infographic below illustrates ways in which we as a society can conserve water and shows specific examples of successful water reuse and recycling efforts.

Why Waste Water

Infographic by worldbank

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