Week in Water: Aug 15-22, 2013

Published on August 24th, 2013 | by

The Week in Water brings you blue living news and ideas from around the web.

Mother Jones takes a look at the growing sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana.  It’s been quite active this week, with some dramatic video footage of trees being pulled under.

Snakeheads in the Potomac have been found to carry a virus that kills largemouth bass.  Snakeheads, an invasive species with little economic or sports value, are immune to the virus.

New technologies are being developed to cut air conditioning costs.  This one functions in a similar way to the circulatory system in our bodies.

A recent study found that grazing cattle in forests don’t contribute significantly to erosion.

The solar estimate solar calculator shows how much solar panels cost per kw, solar system prices, solar rebates and incentives and the best rated solar companies in each county

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