Edith Widder on Finding the Giant Squid

Published on April 3rd, 2013 | by

Edith Widder Drawing Jellyfish Predator Squid

Humans have only explored about five percent of the ocean. When scientists went looking for the kraken, or the giant squid, they had to experiment with the best ways to find them. Edith Widder was on the team which was successful at filming the giant squid in 2012.

In this TED talk, Edith Widder explains her ideas on finding the giant squid and how she came to those conclusions, which were ultimately successful in attracting the animal. The fact that the giant squid is a single species and not multiple species makes it even more amazing that scientists were able to find one. While they seem to have a very large range, the number of giant squids living in the ocean seems to be relatively small. Edith Widder used her knowledge of ocean bottom dwelling animals and combined that with technology to create just the right conditions for a giant squid to drop by.

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