Shark Tank Bursts in Shanghai Shopping Mall

Published on December 31st, 2012 | by

A shark tank burst in a busy shopping mall in Shanghai, China, injuring sixteen people and killing several of the tank’s inhabitants.

Three lemon sharks raised in the aquarium died when one of the glass walls of the tank broke open.  Dozens of turtles also died, along with many of the fish that also lived in the tank.

The aquarium was a popular draw for visitors to the mall.  Many of the injured people were next to the glass taking pictures when the tank burst.

A nearby cosmetic counter collapsed from the force of the water leaving the tank.  One person was trapped under the collapsed kiosk, but escaped with minor injuries.  Other injuries were mainly from glass shards.

Police are looking into the reason the tank broke.  Initial comments indicate the tank was aging and needed repairs.

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