Mexico's Marersa Expands Its Wave Power Offerings

Published on December 7th, 2012 | by

Marersa Wave Power

Maremotrices de Energias Renovables (Marersa) is expanding its wave power offerings. Currently, Marersa has a three megawatt plant at Rosarita in Baja California. They are looking to expand to Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, as well as building more wave power plants in Mexico.

While some countries are letting their renewable energy industry gather dust, Mexico is pushing forward in solar, wind, and wave technologies.  The 3MW Rosarita plant was built for $2 million per megawatt. It operates at about 85% efficiency and sells the electricity for 80% of the cost of electricity from the state power utility. Forty-eight floating hinged buoys convert wave motion into electricity by creating hydraulic pressure in a closed oil-filled system.

Having proven their concept works, Marersa’s next step is to build a thirty megawatt plant, also in Baja California. They will install 450 floating buoys in the new project.

Marersa develops other renewable energies as well, including biofuel, solar, and wind.

Image courtesy Marersa

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