Louisiana Sinkhole Grows; Swallows Boat, Forces Evacuations

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Louisiana Sinkhole Grows

The massive sinkhole near Bayou Corne, Louisiana in Assumption Parish grew by leaps and bounds over the last two days. First a twenty-foot section of earth fell into the sinkhole, then another fifty feet disappeared. The sinkhole now measures 526 feet by 640 feet.

Two men working to clean up the diesel fuel on the surface of the sinkhole had to be rescued by airboat when their boat was pulled under the waters. So far, no one has been injured by the growing sinkhole. Cleanup operations have been suspended.

More people have been evacuating the area. Several salt caverns in the area are used for storage of butane and other flammable materials. The structural integrity of those caverns is believed to be sound, but some companies are drawing down gas, just in case.

Louisiana Sinkhole in Assumption Parish

Texas Brine Company set up a fund for those affected and is handing out checks of $875 per household per week for housing assistance. Residents can pick up their checks at the sheriff’s office in Pierre Part. Households needing special assistance may apply for more funds and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Texas Brine Company will begin drilling a relief well tonight. While it hasn’t been proven that the company’s nearby cavern is the source of the sinkhole, it is likely. The well will provide some answers.

Images from the video by channel 4 WWL.

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