People Like Great White Sharks, Even When They Bite Them

Published on July 30th, 2012 | by

Great White Shark and Diver

A recent study found that people like great white sharks and don’t change their minds about that even after a shark attack.  A survey was taken of Cape Town residents that indicated about 2/3 of the locals liked great white sharks.  Several months later, after a nonfatal shark attack, a second survey showed that people still like great whites in the same proportion.

Great whites don’t often attack people and when they do, the attack is usually nonfatal.  Shark researchers have worked hard to get that information out to the public and refute any notions that Hollywood sharks exist (Jaws 3:  This time, it’s personal.)  It seems to have worked.  Beachgoers don’t seem reluctant to get back in the water after a shark attack makes the news.

Great white shark and diver photo via Shutterstock

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