New Delhi Denied Water by Neighboring State

Published on June 20th, 2012 | by

New Delhi street

Last week, New Delhi and other major cities faced water shortages when they were denied water by a neighboring state.  New Delhi purchases water from nearby states, but Haryana cut off the water supply on Friday.

Several authorities claim that New Delhi could do more to conserve water, harvest rain water, and take other measures to improve their reservoirs, but they don’t.  New Delhi residents use more water per capita than residents of many major European cities.

[repostus hash=b953b2d80a18a6d42e0ec3c51a075ece title=India%27s+capital+in+water+crisis+after+supplies+cut host=AFP short=1eyXE snip=Large+parts+of+New+Delhi+were+struggling+with+acute+water+shortages+on+Friday+after+a+neighbouring+state+cut+its+supplies+at+the+peak+of+summer%2C+officials+said.+The+sprawling+Indian+capital%2C+with+a+population+of+16+million+sweltering+in+43+degree+C+%28109.4+F%29+summer+heat%2C+relies+on+four+neighbouring%26hellip%3B jump=4]

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