Water, the New Petrol

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Water, the New Petrol

Water, the New Petrol is a web site which aims to raise awareness of the current state of water issues in the world and the problems related to it. On Tuesday, the U.S. State Department announced that Water, the New Petrol was one of two web sites that had won the Doors to Diplomacy Award.

The title of the web site refers to the fact that water, like petroleum, was once an abundant resource, but is now becoming scarcer. The unequal distribution of water, due to geography and politics, causes difficulties for many people around the world.

Water, the New Petrol is aimed at young people and includes web comics, charts, lists, and plenty of information to get kids interested and give them something to think about and act on in their own lives.

The Doors to Diplomacy Award recognizes web projects by student groups that teach young people about international affairs. 225 student teams from 38 countries competed for the award in 2012. A $2000 scholarship is given to each student member of the winning teams and a $500 cash prize is given to the coaches of the winning teams.

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