The US EPA Wants Your Ideas

Published on April 25th, 2012 | by

EPA ConversationsThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants your ideas on how to make the nation a better, healthier place to live.  EPA Conversations is a new web site which provides a place for discussion about environmental issues and solutions that are important to you.  For popular discussions, EPA subject matter experts might weigh in.

The site is divided into eight categories, priorities of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson:

  1. Everyday Green Tips
  2. Taking Action on Climate Change
  3. Improving Air Quality
  4. Assuring the Safety of Chemicals
  5. Cleaning Up Our Communities
  6. Protecting America’s Waters
  7. Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice
  8. Building Strong State and Tribal Partnerships

Visitors to the web site can vote ideas up or down, according to how useful they think the ideas are at improving the nation.  The two most popular right now are “Ban the Single Use Plastic Bag” and “Stop Providing Bottled Water at Events and Meetings”.

Browse around a bit and get involved.  There are some good ideas on EPA Conversations.

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