Worldwide Drought as of February 2012

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Sossusvlei in the Namibian desert near Sesriem, NamibiaThe UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics maintains a database of worldwide drought conditions. This map of the drought-stricken areas around the world shows drought affecting more than 194 million people.

The darkest red on the map indicates exceptional drought and the light yellow shows where the minor drought is.

Texas, northern Mexico, and the surrounding states show up dark red, as does the southeastern United States. Both areas are still under drought restrictions, even though Texas, for example, has been getting floods recently.

China has been undertaking massive water diversion projects for quite some time and will likely continue in the face of such a drought in its southern areas.

The red and orange spots on the map look so small, and yet they comprise vast land areas.

The drought conditions map is online and is interactive. You can zoom in on your own home and see how your area is doing. The spatial resolution is about one hundred square kilometers.

Sossusvlei in the Namibian desert near Sesriem, Namibia via Shutterstock

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