The Week in Water: Feb 4-10, 2012

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Wandering albatross flying over the Atlantic OceanThe Week in Water brings you the latest news in blue living from around the web.

Gizmodo highlights this nifty Black + Blum eau good bottle that purifies water with charcoal.  It doesn’t say how long it takes to clean the water, but it takes at least four hours to reduce the amount of chlorine.

Photo of whale shark hauled ashore in PakistanAsianet-Pakistan/

A whale shark was pulled ashore in Pakistan and the meat was sold for $18,000 (USD).  Shark fishing is illegal in Pakistan, but the sale of whale meat is not.  Reports says the shark died of natural causes and was found ten days before.  Photos and the video below show the whale shark was still whole when cranes lifted it out of the water.  I’m wondering how fermented that meat was.

The wandering albatross is experiencing a boost from climate change.  These birds spend their entire lives at sea, only going ashore to lay an egg and raise the chick.  The increase in forage may be short-lived, though.

Denton city council has placed a moratorium on new drilling permits while they look at whether they should require recycling of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing.

While Texas is trying to protect our limited water supplies, Australia has way too much (in some places).

A rooftop garden in Chicago.

Out with the new and in with the old – old-fashioned waterwheels are being updated and brought back into use.

Wandering albatross photo via Shutterstock

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