The Week in Water: Dec 10-16

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The Week in Water brings you a roundup of interesting developments to make blue living easier.

Turning Cattails into Fuel – Lake Winnipeg is so polluted that it can’t be used for drinking water.  Many native species have died out there.  How to turn it around?  Use cattails for fuel.

EPA Confirms Fracking Fluid Contaminated Drinking Water in Pavillion, Wyoming – Whenever someone brings up fracking fluid contamination of water wells, somebody else claims that everybody’s water has always tasted funny and has always been flammable.  Weird that no one notices  until the drilling commences.

United By Blue, Using the Power of Business to Remove Trash from the Ocean – The owner of an eco-apparel company wanted to be certain his ocean donations were effective, so he got his own hands dirty.  It’s an inspiring story and also a company to keep in mind as we shop for the holidays.

Weed Killer in Your Water – Atrazine is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the United States and is a known endocrine disruptor.  It’s found in 90% of tap water.

Atrazine Tied to Hormonal Irregularities – More about atrazine.  This stuff is nasty.

Water Links Two of the Best Films of 2011 – Two films, Tambien la Lluvia and Meek’s Cut Off, look at

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