What is Source Water, and How Can We Keep it Clean?

Published on November 21st, 2011 | by

source water

We know that we need clean, safe drinking water in order to survive, but where does our water come from, and how can we kep it clean? This video from Ecojustice Canada explains what “source water” is and what we can do to keep dangerous chemicals out of our water supply.

Take Aways

The video offers a few solid solutions, some of which we’ve talked about in this space before:

  1. Dispose of medicine properly. That means not flushing it down the toilet. Ask your local hospital or pharmacy where you can return unused medications instead.
  2. Avoid pesticides. Opt for organic lawncare products.
  3. Go non-toxic at home. Cleaning supplies can also contaminate drinking water, so choose eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  4. Sign the Ecojustice petition for clean drinking water.

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