New York City Installs Real Time Water Monitoring

Published on July 28th, 2010 | by

Before anyone can do anything about how much water we use (and waste) every day, we need to know how much we are actually using. And when you look around at how many of your daily activities include water, you get a sense of just how difficult a task that is. In spite of the challenge, New York City has announced that they are spending $252 million to upgrade the City’s water tracking system so that it monitors all of NYC’s water use in real time.

Image Credit: Fernando Sanchez New York City will install real-time water monitors.
New York City will install real-time water monitors.

“By providing homeowners and business with real-time access to their water bills, we’re giving New Yorkers access to information they’ve never had before, so they can analyze their water consumption and target savings.” — Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

The monitoring system will allow customers to track and analyze their own water use through an online tool that feeds their automated meter reading  at least four times per day. Residents will know exactly how much water they are using and exactly how much it costs them, ending the days when we had to wonder how much water we used taking a shower or watering the garden, as well as the days of estimated water bills.

Water customers in the Bronx are getting the first round of water meters, and the other four boroughs will be phased in one at a time. The City plans to complete the project by January of 2012.

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